Simple Graces, photography by Easton Schirra for HUF Magazine

Imaging: Easton Schirra at 7 Artist Management/Studio.64
Styling: Delcey Fleming
Beauty: Lindsey Williams
Hair using Bumble & Bumble
Makeup using Make Up For Ever
Assistant: Angela Kaeser
Model: Ana Castelo at Marilyn

Fall/Winter 2014 Trend: Full, Dimensional, Highlighted Brows

The Fall/Winter 2014 show season gave us a plethora of clean makeup looks from no mascara to simple lip balm or lack of cheek color. The one thing never overlooked were the brows. Almost every show I was privileged to work on had a moment of attention to the brow whether it was softly groomed, heavily shaped or filled in and manicured with a brow gel. I found some of the tricks to be pretty cool and wanted to share a few of them with you!

Softly Filled in Brows
Brows are sisters not twins, however no one wants a straight brow and an angled brow on their face. Approach the brows with an intent to create closer symmetry but not clones. To achieve this I love using the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencils to fill in any areas where the brows may be a little sparse. These pencils come in a vast variety of shades and the spoolie on the ends makes application that much easier.


Multi Dimensional Brows
Another brow trend has artists utilizing two shades of pencil to create depth and fullness. Use a shade one to two steps darker than the brow color in the lower line of the brow to add depth. Then use a step or two lighter than the brow to fill in the upper hairs of the brow. This gives the illusion of a deeper brow line adding a youthful fullness!

Shimmering Brow Gels
This was my favorite application this season. Almost every key artist I worked with in Milan and Paris used tinted brow gels. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel was a major “go-to”. Blonde was used on fairer brows and Caramel was used for darker. Both brow gels have a gorgeous shimmer to them which gave a beautiful highlight on the runway. These gels have great staying power so there’s never a worry backstage that brows will become unruly or the gel will flake or fade. I found that dabbing the end of the wand on the back of your hand or on a palette to remove some of the product helped avoid overloading the brows and “gumping” them up. You can always dip back into the remaining gel on your hand if you need more. Less is always better with brow gels.



Who knew there were so many tricks to brows? It takes time and patience to create a natural yet strong and shapely brow (unless your model is Cara Delevigne). I highly recommend trying the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow line. They have absolutely every tool in their arsenal to achieve the perfect brow. Run out and pick up the Blonde and Caramel Brow Gels as they will set you ahead and apart for the Fall/Winter 2014 trend!

I’d love to know what you think about doing brows! What do you use? Do you have certain pencils or brow gels that you’ve tried and love? Do you find it easier to shape your own brows or do you prefer to work on others?

Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencils
Price: $21
Where to Buy: SEPHORA 

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gels
Price: $22
Where to Buy: SEPHORA

Had a great #shoot this past week with @bryanwhitely and several beauties from @newyorkmodels #hair #makeup #artist #nyc #sandboxstudios #clean #glow #skin #messyhair

SPOILER : Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit : for my friends and family who won’t be able to go, this is for you! #artist #fashion #inspiration #hair #designer #jeanpaulgaultier #brooklyn #ny #lifetime #detail #corsets #sparkle

Deported from my old and broken up palette, melted each pan to smooth, clean and revive. Then placed in my new palette!!#makeup #concealer #springcleaning #prepforFW #organization #reboot @maccosmetics #skin #likenew

Lip Palette Overhaul!! 12hrs, a TV mini series, one bottle of #wine, one canister of chocolate covered bugles, Lots of decisions, burned fingers and a lot of patience = a lighter kit, orderly work space and one beautiful palette for me to be proud of and protect with my life! 💋#lipstick #makeup #48faves #makeupgirlproblems #organization #ineedanintern

Lippies!!! They are lining up to go in the new custom #lip #palette …
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DARPHIN - Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Creme

The world of skin care is a trial and error experience that can prove frustrating and expensive. This is one of many reasons I love going to Space NK to browse and try samples of the high end products before I invest. My bestie also works there so it’s a double win for me! On my most recent visit I was introduced to DARPHIN skin care and fell in love with this eye cream! 

Most would think, Wrinkle Corrective Eye Countour Creme? For Me? Well, I don’t necessarily have wrinkles but I have noticed a change in the condition of my under eye and crows feet area. I’ve only used it at night. When I apply my makeup in the morning, I find I’m using less product as the condition of my skin doesn’t require heavy application. The makeup lasts a lot longer through the day which is also a plus. I’ve used this eye cream on several photo shoots and it’s a dream for model skin prep! 

This eye cream comes in a .51oz jar. It’s standard for creams but it’s incredibly thick so I feel that it will last a long time. If you have any way to try a sample before purchase, I would highly recommend it. :-)


SpaceNK for purchase
$78 for .51oz jar

This is the last photo I’ll ever have of my grandparents together. My Beepa passed away ten yrs ago in December. Today my Grandma Ruth decided she couldn’t be without him any longer. I love you both and will always remember the fun times at the beach, camping, and of course the cats and beautiful rose bushes. #RIP #love #Grandparents #family #neverforget

Leaving Eden Series - Created by Greg Batiansila

I have some really special friends who have been through so much in their lives. Their loss and hardships have been more than I believed would be possible to handle in a drawn out lifetime! They have taken every heart wrenching moment that has come their way with grace, faith and hope that God is in control. I love your family @GregBatiansila and am so grateful you are all in my life!

Greg, His family and friends have created a faith based web series for the world to see. His writing abilities surpass anyone I have ever met. There’s so much built into this story that delicately whispers of the life struggles their family has faced. It kinda tore my heart out watching it. Yet it speaks to the resilience I’ve always been drawn to in their family.  

This isn’t a series for everyone but it will definitely touch your heart if you give it a chance. For those friends of mine who are Christians and believe in more than just what you can see in this life, this series will touch your heart! Watch and pass on to others!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Leaving Eden Webseries